Thanks to my Book Addiction, I Don’t Smoke Crack

Here’s Some Foolishness

First off:  Part of this blog will be various rants and raves about books.  I am an addict and everyone around me knows it.  Some (hello fellow Squee blogger) are pushers.  As the late great Bill Hicks said: “We got ourselves a reader!” (Look him up).  At any given time I have 15 to 20 books out on loan from the library.  Additionally, I have multiple stacks of books just under the height of my pretty tall six-year-old (the stacks are tucked into a corner next to an armoire – he’s in no danger) . These books are mostly from used book stores and library sales.  I understand I have a problem so I no longer go to the crack house/library warehouse sale anymore.  My maler half was very impressed when I came back from wandering by myself around the streets of Amsterdam with some English language used books.  Used book stores call out to me.

Additionally plus one, I own a kindle and I have since oh let’s say 2008. I’m vigilant about checking the free books list and have amassed hundreds of to be read kindle books.  (I do read these, I do.  I’ve discovered some great books this way).  So the above means that I’m always thinking about books, searching for books, wondering if so and so has anything new coming out, etc.  I keep several crappily put together spreadsheets about my books:  “Books Read” is exactly what it says.  I add the book when I start reading it (or get it out of the library) then I note when I finish it, genre and a quick bit of plot. I also rate each book on a 1 to 10 scale.  I probably rate things too generously: most fall within the 7 to 10 range and it’s got to really piss me off to go below a 6.  “Books Read” started because I tired of getting 50 pages into a book and going “this seems so familiar.”  I then added “Book Series” so I could read them in proper order and know when a series was complete, when the next book is coming out, or that I’d stopped reading that series 3 years ago because I hate the writing.  There’s also “Unread Kindle Books” because when you have that many you forget they are there.  My pre-hoard stack of books has its own list too: “Books Owned & Not Read.” “Pre-hoard” is catchier though.  Yes,I like lists.  Lists are my friends.

So, Tater Salad-like, I told you that story to tell you this (Ron White, look him up):  Got curious about a book I had read a couple years ago (10/2009 thank you, “Books Read”) – I wondered if there was another by the author, wondered whether it became a series.  So I go on the Fantastic Fiction website (ooh, love Fantastic Fiction- look it up) and yes, a 2nd book came out shortly thereafter in 2009.  I had gotten the first book from the library.  No the library does not have the 2nd book.  I go on Amazon.  Yes it’s in paperback: $5.60 – pretty decent price but I don’t really want a print copy.  Do they have it on Kindle?  Yes……. For $16.99.  I repeat $16.99… for the kindle edition of a paperback by an author no one has ever heard of.  A book that came out almost 3 years ago. Amazon always puts out its disclaimer “price set by publisher” also known as the “wuzn’t me, I dint do it, I would have given it to ya for free homie!” defense.  This author has two (2) books out – total.  And I am sure she thanks the publisher for setting an ebook price
that ensures that no one (I repeat NO ONE) will purchase it on an ebook reader and at a price that ensures that she will likely remain the author of only two books.

So then comes the debate: I could purchase the paperback copy and have another book hanging out in my house to add to that cozy clutter pre-hoarder look that I seem to be going for.  I could buy the paperback and then donate it to the library which I’ve noticed only sometimes adds the donated book to its collection for whatever reason.  Or I could say F&^$ you Simon & Schuster (or whoever the actual publisher is – no offense Simon & Schuster)!  “Books Read” says “you rated the book a 9 and you did like that it was set in your hometown of NYC but was it all that? “Pre-hoarder” stack of books  is whispering that they have some 9s hidden within the stack.  “Unread Kindle Books” says remember the couple that you read the first chapter of and liked but hadn’t gone back to yet?  They’re still waiting and eager.  Come on CD Squee… read us… not that whore of a second book .  At this point, my lists are winning the fight. I’m curious about book 2, but not enough to make my lists angry.

Books Read and Book Series recommend the following series:

The Dresden files by JimButcher (never under a 10)

The Fever books by Karen Marie Moning

The Kate Daniels series  by Ilona Andrews

The Anna Pigeon mysteries by Nevada Barr

The Agatha Raisin mysteries by MC Beaton

The Chris McMullen mysteries by Lois Greiman

The Ruth Galloway mysteries by Elly Griffiths

Joan Hess for both the Maggody and Claire Mally mystery series

Richelle Mead for both the Dark Swan and Succubus series

Robert Parker for being Robert Parker

The Lady Julia series by Deanna Raybourne

Karin Slaughter for the Grant county and Georgia series


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