Hunger Games Trailer

Ok so you all know by now that CD Squee has a serious book addiction.  A bit of background on this blog: Squee 1313 (aka Boss Squee) and I worked together for about a year before discovering we were “sistahs from different mistahs”.  And our Monday morning conversations generally go: “I was reading/just discovered this book….”  Then there’s a Walking Dead/SNL discussion and an hour later we are ready to work.   Boss Squee and I are so bad that we announce our library runs because inevitably someone needs a book returned or has one on hold.

That includes Young Adult as well.  Funny because I didn’t read all that YA in my YAhood. That’s probably because it was non-existent – one Judy Blume book famous because the guy named his peen and … yeah… that’s it. So now that I’m OLD and have a kid or three, I can now read all these teen angsty books.  And I read them.  Yes, both Twilight and Hunger Games were “I just read this”  YA book/crack leading to debates, discussions, when-is-the-next-one-out type stuff that kept us from being productive and no doubt caused the recession.

Twilight: yup, read them all… and loved them all and now wish everyone would shut the F up about Twilight and Jacob and Kristen Stewart.  The Twilight series is like one of those 10 calorie meringue cookies:  Tasty for a second then the taste disappears from your mouth only to be forgotten.  The bad ones leave a lingering chemical flavor.  Twilight is turning chemical on my taste buds.

But Hunger Games… oh Hunger Games: You are a Snicker bar… so filling it could be a meal replacement.  A Snicker bar was tasty twenty years ago and it is still tasty.  In Hunger Games and its sequels, there are characters you care about beyond the main three.  Face it: No one cares about Twilight’s Emmett or any of Jacob’s reindeer (I mean werewolf, friends).  But I could debate Hamish for hours.  Even Katniss’ mother is interesting and mothers are never interesting.  I know- I am one.

So then the books get optioned… and then there’s the casting.  “Oh who could possibly play Katniss?  Oh Peeta? But that guy’s a brunette!! He can’t be Peeta!  Woody Harrelson?!  Is this a good or bad thing? Well… Zombieland.  Lenny Kravitz?! They’ve ruint it!! It’s not ruint! It’s ruint!!”  Ringing of hands!!  Oh, how will those dastardly Mother__ckers in Hollywood make a Hunger Games movie that will not disappoint me!

Here’s the first trailer: Hunger Games Movie.  Boss Squee and I watched it today and let’s just say we had a Squee moment. It looks good.  It looks damned good.  It looks like it cost more than the $13.95 they spent on the first Twilight.  The brunette turned blond looks like he can act.  The blond turned brunette doesn’t have Miley Cyrus with him.  Katniss looks sensitive and thoughtful but like she can kick A$$.  OH!  SQUEE!


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