Merry Christmas Squeers!

Just a quick note to my fellow Squeers saying I hope you all have a lovely holiday!  The picture is the Candy Cottage the spawn and I did this year.

Also, (watching this year’s Glee Christmas episode) does anyone else find it completely wrong that New Dimensions went to a homeless shelter and sang Do They Know It’s Christmas?  I mean that is one effing depressing song!  And they were singing it and smiling like it was  jingle bells.  “Tonight thank God it’s them instead of you… it’s a world of dread and fear… the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears…”  I mean this is not a song you sing TO the sufferers.  I mean, really.  Anyways,  as a great card I got this year said Merry Always, Happy Forever,Image my peeps.


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