Move Review: Warrior

Picked it cuz I thought it was something my old man would watch with me. He did. We both agreed that it generally sucked.


Nick Nolte as Pops:

Tom Hardy as Tommy:

Joel Edgerton as Brendon:

Nick Nolte was an alcoholic abusive father—yes, he had to really stretch his acting chops for this role. Now he’s sober.  His younger son, Tommy, was a promising high school wrestler and state champ, but then he and his mother left home to get away from abusive drunk Pops. He eventually joins the Marines but desserts when he is the only survivor in his unit after a friendly fire attack. He’s broody, he’s angry, and he likes to sulk about it. A LOT. Big brother Brendon stayed behind when Tommy and Mom left because he was in love with the girl who is now his wife and mother of his two children. When he was younger Brendon was a fighter on the UFC circuit, but he retired and got a real job as a Physics teacher in high school. Apparently taking a bunch of punches to the head is all it takes to for physics to make sense.  Due to the collapsing housing market, Brendon’s about to lose his house, so he starts fighting again on the side to earn prize money.  Then comes along a big, nationally televised UFC tournament with a $5 mil. purse.

Through a series of fateful events (fateful in the sense that sh*t like this only happens in a highly contrived plot), both brothers end up in the tournament.  Pops is Tommy’s trainer. Tommy quickly slays all his opponents with a few swift punches. Brendon is the tenacious underdog who gets his butt kicked throughout the tournament, but manages to come back in the end of each fight to beat his opponent and move on to the next round.  Long before this point it becomes obvious that the fight is going to come down to the two brothers. Their relationship is bad becuase Tommy thinks Brendon should have come with him and his mother when they left Pops. Mom died of cancer and Tommy was the only one there for her. Tommy wants the money to give to his fallen comrade’s wife and kids.  By the final bout of the championship, Brendon has been beat up repeatedly. Tommy has barely been touched. But guess who’s gonna win?

Summary of the end of this movie: Brothers gotta hug!

Redeeming feature of the movie: Tom Hardy’s abs.

Two words to describe this movie: Predictable and clichéd.

SPOILER: If you can’t figure out from my sarcastic hints who wins, then here it is simple-like: Brendon gains strength to beat his bigger, younger, stronger and less exhausted/beat-up brother cuz he saw his wife’s tear stained face and remembers just what it is he’s fighting for.


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