Book Review: There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

There is no Dog, Meg Rosoff

From Amazon: What if God were a teenaged boy?

In the beginning, Bob created the heavens and the earth and the beasts of the field and the creatures of the sea, and twenty-five million other species (including lots of cute girls). But mostly he prefers eating junk food and leaving his dirty clothes in a heap at the side of his bed.

Every time he falls in love, Earth erupts in natural disasters, and it’s usually Bob’s beleaguered assistant, Mr. B., who is left cleaning up the mess. So humankind is going to be very sorry indeed that Bob ever ran into a beautiful, completely irresistible girl called Lucy . . .

You might know I like to read YA novels. I think a good book transcends age goups and genres. There is No Dog is one of those books. And, honestly, if this book is really “Young Adult” then I think the “Adult” part is literal. The main characters are not high schoolers, but are independent, job holding, apartment renting adults. When the book jacket says Bob is a sex crazed teenager, take that literally– except, Bob is God and teenager is a subjective term for him. I wouldn’t recommend this to a “young adult” under the age of 16, possibly older depending on how open minded mom and dad are about the birds and bees.

As a believer, I wasn’t offended by the various concepts of God presented in this book; I can’t speak for the more devout or fundamentalist– they strike me as lacking the funny bones and suspensions of disbelief necessary to appreciate this book. Sometimes, in my darker moods, it does seem that God is petulant, moody, and self centered. Sometimes he is a being of remarkable ingenuity and love with moments of grace and wisdom


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