Hunger Games Merchandising

As the premier date for the Hunger Games movie approaches, we here at Songs in Squee Minor have noticed the increase in related merchandising and promotional materials. And why not? It worked so obviously well for the Twilight franchise, and the gods of the Hunger Games media machine think Twilight fans are its target market, and they’re probably 98% right. I know that statistics can be manipulated and results can vary by wide margins, but I found these interesting figures at

The execs attached to the Hunger Game brand stand to make a lot of money if they follow in the same footprints laid by its predecessors.

Consumerism is the lifeblood of our modern society (see my previous comments related to zombies). I don’t blame the media execs for merchandising and marketing, just like I don’t blame a polar bear for eating a baby seal. But, c’mon baby seal– don’t just lie there. Swim for your life. Or at least, if you’re going to let the polar bear nibble at you, be conscientious and aware of your choices. Don’t get me wrong. I’m totally guilty of buying into the machine sometimes. I just purchased a set of those trendy family stickers for the back of my car in a Star Wars theme. Shame on me.

Kimtastic sent me an e-mail this morning ( in total irony , of course) of some honest-to-God Hunger Games merchandizing that extends way beyond the average t-shirt, lunch box, poster, bed pillow with teen heartthrob’s face emblazoned on it. In defense of teenagers, I totally bought into that stuff when I was a kid too. I mean, how was a 12 year old girl supposed to resist this?

So, here’s the link Kimtastic sent me:

Here are some of the products from that link for us to make fun of, but first let me remind you that Hunger Games is primarily a Young Adult novel. Let me also say that, unlike Twilight, I thoroughly believe it transcends that label. The premise of the book is that children are forced to kill other children…for punishment, but also for entertainment on a reality T.V. show. It’s horrible. It’s shocking. So of course it makes perfect sense that we should merchandise the hell out of it.

Again. Young Adults are our target market here. Thongs. Really? I’m not saying teen girls don’t wear them, but making me think about it is GROSS! And if you’re an adult lady (Mary Kay Letourneau) wearing this underwear, I’m sending Chris Hansen out to get you.

District 12 is the home district of Hunger Games main characters, Katniss and Peeta. They are TEENAGERS. Another main character, Gale, escapes having to put his name in the pot as a potential Hunger Games tribute because he’s technically an adult. Ahem. 18 years old. The only “men” in district 12 are the miners who work in the coal mines, or Haymish, an adult survivor of a past Hunger Games who deals with his PTSD by being a raging alcoholic.

The real world equivalent to this “I love district 12 men!” plaque would be this:

And I actually do love West Virginia men, by the way. I’m married to one. He’s a refugee. But that’s another story.

My baby can’t wait to grow up and be a tribute in the Hunger Games so it can kill other babies. Hey mom and dad, did you even read this book?

Kimtastic and I (well, primarily Kimtastic, give credit where it’s due) propose a new line of merchandise. If we’re going to sell stuff representative of this book and movie, then at least sell stuff that promotes the point of the story.

Hunger Games valentines! I love you so much I want to have children with you that we will eventually have to sacrifice to the government!

Christmas cards! A lump of coal in your stocking, care of District 12!

Themed restaurants! Greasy Sae’s is already taken. How about Rue’s Mockingjay jazz cafe? All our music sounds like the voices of your dead loved ones.

Birthday Cards:


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  1. Elizabeth
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 20:47:29

    That bib is a little much… no one really wants to live in Panem, do they?


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