The Host: The Movie

If you could say that Stephanie Meyer ever wrote a good book, then it would be The Host, her foray into the world of “adult” literature. Adult only because the main characters are over the age of 18, but it still has a lot of stereotypical YA overtones that existed in Twilight. Yes, I read the Twilight series. As Cdsquee said, it’s like one of those sweet diet cookies that taste so good in the beginning then leaves a horrible aftertaste. Reading it was like a time trip into my past, re-experiencing what it was like to be 17 when my first love was an all-consuming obsession. But then I remembered how much that sucked. It’s like a night of drinking that starts out fun then gets sickening and you just want to sober up already.

The Host was no diet cookie, neither was it an Oreo cookie or Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk, but maybe it was one of those good vanilla cream wafer things like this:

Not too substantial, but tasty enough and no bad aftertaste.

Not long after Twilight went into production, The Host was optioned by a Hollywood Somebody-or-other. Optioned means they purchased the rights to make a movie so no one else could make it before them…but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will make a movie out of it. They might also assign the option rights to another studio for the right amount of $$. Lots of books get optioned. Lots of them never get made into movies. In this case, however, the money machine that is Twilight pretty much guaranteed that The Host will be a good investment.

I rolled up on the first “trailer” for the movie last night. It’s not much. I don’t think enough progress has been made in the production of the film to generate a full fledge trailer. Also, it’s still very early in the timeline for movie promotion. Oh, the merchandising this movie will produce. But that’s a whole other blog article. Here’s a link to the trailer:

The first thing I noticed was the actress playing Melanie, the main character. It’s Saoirse (pronounced Sorsha) Ronan who I loved in The Lovely Bones (A really terrific book, by the way)and who did a pretty convincing job as an action heroine in Hanna. I think she’ll lend credibility to the film. I also think she’ll blow Stephanie Meyer’s last female lead, Kristen Stewart, out of the water. But then, a stiff breeze could blow Kristen Stewart out of the water. Below are some shots of Saoirse as Melanie and Max Irons as Jared Howe, one of the male leads (It’s a Stephanie Meyer book, so of course there is a love triangle— sort of. Actually it’s more of a love square… it’s complicated). Max Irons is the son of…can you guess? Jeremy Irons. If you know him at all, it would be because you have a teenage daughter who made you see Red Riding Hood. Or because you’re a fantasy/fairy tale movie geek like me.

The other thing that potentially bodes well for this movie is the choice of director: Andrew Niccol. If you read my review of In Time, then you would know I have feelings for Mr. Niccol. He also directed Gattaca, one of my top 5 favorite Sci-Fi films ever. I didn’t love In Time, but it was more or less because of the crappy dialogue and general plot problems. The movie still had the awesome stylish look of Gattaca, so I can rest easy in knowing that, above everything else, The Host should be real purdy to look at.

The movie will also feature Diane Kruger as the Seeker, a sort of alien FBI agent, and William Hurt as Melanie’s crusty old uncle, Jeb Stryder. William Hurt can do crusty old uncle in his sleep, so good casting on that part.

On a Squee excitement rating of one to five, I give the movie version of The Host 4 Squees. That could change as more information becomes available.


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  1. Lucy
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 18:10:58

    The movie looks like it has potential. I liked Saoirse Ronan a lot in Hanna so that makes me more inclined to check it out. Still haven’t read the book though – do you recommend reading it before the movie?


    • squee1313
      Mar 25, 2012 @ 12:25:44

      My stock answer to this question is, ‘always read the book first.” I know lots of people are hesitant to read Meyers if they didn’t like Twilight. I don’t blame them, but I do have to say that The Host is better. It’s not a new idea as far as novels go…the body snatcher and many others have come before it. The twist that makes this one a little fresher is when the alien takes over the main character’s (Melanie) body, Melanie’s psyche doesn’t disappear like its supposed to. It’s one body with two conciousnesses fighting inside it. That part is pretty great. Most readers I’ve talked to who have read Meyers agreed that The Host is more “sophisticated” than Twilight, but take that with a grain of salt. It’s supposed to be an Adult novel, but it still feels very YA to me.


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