It’s Our Blogiversary! It’s our Blogiversary! (with apologies to Toni! Tony! Tone!)*

(* Note: Blog author is CDSquee, not Squee 1313)

So in July 2011, I had the honor of writing the inaugural Squee post about a wedding I’d attended. I discussed important matters like food, shoes, and the foolhardyness of an afternoon outdoor wedding in North Carolina in June.

Well, as a coinkydink, on June 23, 2012, I attended another wedding. Wrote a blog post about it and the different experiences: Wanna hear it? Here it go!


Wedding 1: husband’s coworker. I know him but it was mainly a bidness thing. Never met the bride. Said two sentences at the wedding. Haven’t seen either of them since then.

Wedding 2: 2nd wedding of one of our closest friends. We’ve known him and his ex since we were all in college together and we all still live in the same town. Our oldest (J) is 5 months older than his youngest (R) (sounds complex when you type it). Anyways, there 14 and they’ve known each other since they were babies and consider themselves BFFs. When she was a wee thing, R couldn’t figure out why J had a different last name because they were obviously related. Hub was Best Man. Hub has been Best Man like four times. I have never even been a bridesmaid. I’m not bitter. It’s clearly because my beauty is intimidating. Bitches! Needless to say, we’ve known 2nd bride since like, 4th date. We love her. On the negative side, she’s way smarter than me and very outdoorsy. On the positive side, she’s made me brisket and loves to bake yummy desserts.


I already told you what; weddings.


I already told you that, too. Start paying attention.


Wedding 1: Outside… in NC… in June. Still haven’t had that fourth child to name Cloud.

Wedding 2: Inside… ceremony and reception in Durham at the American Tobacco complex. Didn’t even have to go outside to get from church to reception. Yay.




Wedding 1: Already told you about it…


Wedding 2: The female minister was the bride’s good friend; There were jokes about first dates and blended families; There were readings including a Dorothy Parker poem, “Lady’s Reward”. Read it yourself here: Every time I hear or read a bit about or by Dorothy Parker, I wonder why in the hell I haven’t read more. She is clearly one of my peeps.

The food was yummy and eclectic. I had second helpings of smoked gouda grits. There was other food but mostly I remember smoked gouda grits. I should have written this up three weeks ago clearly. There were no exceptional shoes that I noticed. Mine were cute but they were nude pumps and cost me $25 at Target soo… There was a DJ and lots of “retro” music. “Retro” in that the bride and groom are in their 40s and played the music they want to dance to (to which they want to dance?). We danced A LOT. There are pictures. I danced with my daughter, with the hub, with the groom, with other womens, with friends, even forced my 11 year old son who HATES weddings to dance. There are pictures. They played Baby Got Back. I embarrassed my daughter. She was mortified when someone commented to her that her parents “are hot.” She’ll get over it. She’ll appreciate it when she’s 25… maybe 45. There was line dancing: Cupid Shuffle and either Cotton-eyed Joe or Boot Scoot Shuffle. It was something country. We were all exhausted. As usual as I am leaving a wedding, an older woman came up and told me how they all enjoyed my dancing. She asked if I dance every day. I always feel weird. Should I stop dancing so much? But the older people enjoy it. Is it weird that old people like watching me dance? Then again, what else is there for the older folken to do but watch the slightly younger folken boogie. Finally, props to the other dancers out there whether you had mad skillz or not. Dance people dance!

There was brunch the next day here: I had Duck Confit Crepes. You hear me. Duck. Confit. Crepes. That s@#t was da bomb-diggity. Then we saw Men in Black III. Much better than Men in Black II.

AN ASIDE: The Hub was in Boston at a meeting. He was supposed to get back Friday at 6pm. He was stuck on a plane for a couple hours then the flight was cancelled. He chose to drive 14 hours in order to get back in time for the wedding. Such a loyal guy! And he still danced his heart out! Groom from Wedding 1 was in Boston too and his return flight was scheduled later than Hubs. It was his 1st anniversary and I think he didn’t get home in time. That sucks!

So anyways, Happy Blogiversary fellow Squeers! Kmtastic, isn’t it about time for you to post about scrapbooking while blowing a guy or something?


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