Tanga! Game Ender

My co-worker and I went to the Cracker, Big Head Todd, Blues Traveler, and Bare Naked Ladies concert last night at the Raleigh Amphitheater. I think it was the Whitey McWhiterson, Stuff White People Like Tour. Generally the audience was middle class, semi-middle aged white folk. Okay, not even generally– more like 99%. I sat by a walkway that went directly to the beer tents and pretty much saw every person at the concert at least three times. By the end of the night I had seen a grand total of two black people, and I think they only came because they lost a bet. A few hippies popped up here and there, explaining the occasional waft of patchouli in the air, but it was never proceeded by the funky tang of pot smoke. What’s patchouli without pot smoke? A boring white people concert is what it is. No drunk red neck fights, no mosh pits, no girls snatchin’ each other’s weaves. Even the cops providing security were nodding off. To be fair, though, the performers were excellent, especially the Bare Naked Ladies. Co-worker and I like to think of them as a “smart” band, and not just cuz they wrote the lyrics to the Big Bang Theory’s theme song.

(Note the lack of moshing, drunk fighting, weave snatching)

To liven things up a bit, Co-worker and I played Tanga! What’s that you ask? It’s a game brought to our attention by fellow co-blogger Kimtastic. Kimtastic lives in a big metropolitan city, as we’ve said before, but she’s from my hometown and sometime she comes to visit. She was here a couple weeks ago and she and some of her friends went barhopping downtown. That’s where they came up with Tanga! Here is how she explained it:

Downtown Raleigh is so fratty. Did I tell you about the new game I learned while hanging out downtown with some friends? We went all the hip places- [She names bars, but I like to keep the precise location ambiguous, sorry]. So the game is like punch bug- every time you see a girl in a one shouldered shirt you punch your friend and yell TANGA! Why tanga? I have no idea. But that game will bruise you on a weekend in downtown.

Boyfriend and I have adapted the game for [Big Metropolitan City]. We don’t get very many one shouldered shirts where we hang out. I don’t know if it’s because we’re a more fashion forward city and one shoulders are out, or we hang out at hipster bars and hispters don’t wear them. Anyway, what we have a lot of are rompers- grown women wearing onsies. So we punch and yell ROMPER! We had to add an age limit though- I punched Boyfriend at the bowling alley on Sunday and he said that it’s OK if a 7-year-old wears a romper.

Back to the concert. Co-worker and I saw maybe 4 Tangas and one off the shoulder shirt that got half credit. And apparently we do have rompers in Raleigh, after all. A lady and her daughter sitting behind us both wore them, so that was two pops in the shoulder right there.

But then we saw this. It was a game ender. It was unbeatable.

TANGA ROMPER!!! We win!!!


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