Lockout Movie Review

I watched this movie last night:

It was an interesting concept: Maximum Security prison that is basically a space station in orbit around the earth. Prisoners break out and take over the prison. The space station loses control and threatens to crash to earth. Guy Pierce has to break in and save the girl trapped on board (doing humanitarian inspections of the prison conditions) before the Marines come and blow them all up. I like Guy Pearce most of the time. I really like him as a bad guy (See Count of Monte Cristo and L.A. Confidential). This time he was a good guy, sort of. He was really buff (which would be a plus except he never takes his shirt off) and sarcastic. He was a typical anti-hero cliché character: Think Han Solo, but without Harrison’s Ford’s inherent charm. The film was directed by Luc Besson, who is a hit or miss sort of fella. He hit big with Fifth Element, and he sorta hit with the Transporter (I mean, somebody liked it enough to make 3 of them). If Besson is associated you know it = big explosions, fight scenes, crazy car chase scenes. In this movie, he was three for three.

I think the best part of the movie was the wack-job psycho prisoner played by Joseph Gilgun who had a Cockney accent so thick it was hard to understand him sometimes.

He was very good at crazy. So good that I’m afraid he wasn’t really acting that much.

It also had my favorite weird Russian guy as the Government Agent in Charge of Everything (not his official title). Peter Somare. He’s literally in everything, but he’s not really a household name.

I say if you can get it from Red Box for a buck or two, then watch it. I wouldn’t pay much more than that for it, but it’s not quite one of those, “never get those two hours of my life back” kind of movies, either.


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