25 Things you Can Do with A Mustache

Bought this mustache on a stick for a birthday function at work.

Got to wondering what kinds of things one might do with a mustache

1. Stroke the ends to indicate that you are deep in thought.

2. Use it as a keeper for the flavor so that it may later be savored

3. Run for president

4. Emergency Snack Stashing

5. Complete a Magnum P.I. costume

6. Blend in at a Ditka Convention…daaaa Bears

7. Use it as a place to safely rehabilitate baby birds who have fallen out of their nest.

8. Curl the ends and twirl them to indicate you are a dastardly villain

9. Make a bad@$$ music video in which you can portray Cochese

10. Juice-up a Groucho Marx impression…I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception…

11. Wear skinny jeans and ride a fixed gear bike and listen to a band no one has ever heard of (also known as kickstarting a hipster career)

12. Pretend you’re a blue whale and strain krill through salt water

13. Throw damsels in distress onto train tracks

14. Adult Films

15. 70s pop/disco singer impersonator

16. Become a dictator

17. Genocide

18. Hide a cleft palate

19. Use it to enhance a point

20. Start a circus act

21. Join an outlaw motorcycle club

22. Party like its 1999

23. Be your Huckleberry

24. Use it as inspiration for what turned out to be a very very bad idea.

25. Impress the ladies


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kimtastic7878
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 12:05:53

    Are you kidding? You think 24 is a BAD idea? I think it’s BRILLLLLLIANT!


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