I’m Trying to Like Revolution…

****Spoiler Alert****– You might not want to read this unless you’ve seen Episode 2.

Like Squee1313 I have high hopes for Revolution. I, too, was drawn in by the flashy promos, the Katniss style main character, the dystopian future, and the Florence + the Machine music overlay. Even Boyfriend, who I have never seen get amped about a TV show that didn’t feature a large yellow animated sponge was pretty psyched about this one. And seeing as we missed the season premier of Bones (SO mad at myself) and I hate music competitions (but Boyfriend loves Xtina’s cleave), this is pretty much all we have going for us on Monday nights. Did I mention we don’t have cable? Not in the snobby I don’t watch TV- kind of way. God, no, I love TV.  But in the- Times is tough, one income family- kind of way. So yeah, I REALLY NEED this show to work because I can’t afford to go out for trivia night at the local watering hole just because Monday night TV sucks.

I’m just not sure if it does. Let me break this up into two categories: Stuff that bugs me and Why I’ll keep watching despite the stuff that bugs me.

First off, can we agree that despite her leather jacket and bow hunting skills, a Katniss Charlie is not? Let’s not even get into how her glorious, impractical mane stays so shiny and untangled in the wilderness without being braided or pulled back in any way (Even the ladies of Lost wore ponytails!). Let’s talk about how the look on her face vacillates between “about to cry” and “about to puke”. It’s like her own “Blue Steel” and “Magnum”. Maybe she’s working on another look for us and will debut it later in the season.

Blue Steel… or is it Magnum?

I get that she feels obligated to take care of her brother because he has asthma and seems like he got the short end of the family genetic stick when it came to brains, but for real- that’s like all the dialogue she has. “Miles, you have to do this… we’re family… i have to take care of my brother… don’t kill anyone… I have to find my brother… you have to help me because you’re my uncle…  ”  blah blah blah. Every time she opens her mouth. Hey! I’m going to turn it into a drinking game! Woo Hoo! Monday nights just got crazy! Oh and how about the weak ass love story that’s developing between her and this Nate kid. After seeing last night’s episode in which Charlie’s mom is obviously ok with doing whatever it takes to keep her family safe and taken care of, I guess her dad raised her to be kind of a naive pussy after mom’s disappearance.

The problem for her is that Nate is just too good-looking (in Charlie’s eyes, I personally think he’s kind of weird-looking) to be a bad guy. I mean, nevermind that she lives in a world of roaming militias and highwaymen, he’s got a nice smile and he showed her a little attention. Sure… we can trust him. Katniss would never let that happen. Katniss is not distracted by dick.

Speaking of attractive characters…did it surprise anyone else that out of the thirty or so slaves pulling that tank thing through the forest Hebrews in Egypt style that Nora was the hot chick with the rockin rack? I guess it’s true that everyone’s good-looking when the lights go out. Hey-oohhh!

Well, maybe not everyone. Lost had Hurley and now Revolution has Aaron. How do you stay that tubby and out of shape in a society in which physical manpower is a necessity. And at least Hurley was really likeable. Aaron’s kind of a wimp.

I also feel like the pace of the show is really slow, like there’s a really good story in there, but it’s hard to get to because for every five minutes of insightful or intriguing conversation there’s got to be a swashbuckling scene. I like the action, don’t get me wrong, but it’s kind of predictable and repetitive. It’s cool that they fight with swords and all but…

And yet as annoyed as I am with the main character and as much as I have to fight to maintain suspension of belief I still deep down like the show, like the mysteries that keep popping up, and am interested in seeing what the writers and producers have to say. Both of the Revolution episodes are masterful at the end of the episode hook. What, this mild-mannered woman  (we find out to be Grace) who gives in to the authority of the Monroe militia and turns over poor, trusting Danny starts up a computer in her attic?! Rachel is still alive and having conversations with Sebastian Monroe like they’re old friends?! Previews for next week set us up to believe that Miles is still involved with Monroe?! I truly do want to tune in to find out what happens next.

I’m also pleased to see that Charlie might have some of her momma’s spunk and guts in her yet after blowing away that Mississippi chain gang looking guard for the sniper rifle and tricking Nate into helping her so she could chain him to a pipe (I totally did not see that one coming). I hope her inner badass continues to take over her outer whiner. But I worry, as for a brief few seconds she paused and looked back at Nate like she was feeling sorry for him… He’s no good for you, girl! If you have to change him, you don’t need him!

I like Miles; I find him pretty interesting. Shout out for being a badass with a sword and taking out bounty hunter C. Thomas Howell with a neck twist after getting critical info. Stay gold, Ponyboy. I’m looking forward to the back story on him and Nora. There’s no way those two haven’t bumped uglies and I think someone’s a jilted lover.

I’m also a fan of Captain Tom Neville. He’s not all bad, he’s just a guy doing what he’s got to do. Maybe what I see in him is what Charlie sees in that Nate kid. Anyway, I think his character is interesting and while I think Danny may be on to something when he tells Neville he just likes to kill, I really want to think there’s a good guy in there somewhere who helps his dying soldiers go humanely and peacefully and tells them of warmth and family while the poison does it’s job, then presides over a proper funeral. Anyone who goes through all that trouble can’t be all bad. And Danny’s kind of stupid anyway.

I’m going to continue watching Revolution. I’d love to see more flashbacks of pre or early days blackout, which I’m sure will happen. I look forward to seeing if they weave in literature and mythology in the same way that Lost did which added greater depth and richness to the storylines. I kind of hope Monroe turns Danny to the dark side. I’d like to see the conflict of him switching sides before his sister gets to him. As I mentioned before, I’d like to see Charlie grow a pair of balls and stop whining all the time. I guess only time will tell. But until then, I’ll be at Target, printing out all of the pictures on my iPhone. You know… just in case.


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