Revolution: A Rebuttal/Third Perspective


Since BossSquee & Kimtastic have now commented on Revolution, I feel I must add my thoughts to the mix. (Note: I have only watched episode 1 although I caught glimpses of episode 2 while my DVR was recording)

1: I agree wiith Boss Squee:

–          Dystopian? check

–          JJ Abrams? check (although I gave up on Lost during that last season when I realized I just didn’t care)

–     Jon Favreau? often a plus (look for his old dinner series where he sat around   talking with people with whom you too will want to hang out)

2. Monroe:  While BossSquee mentioned the Cape, I saw him in the car with Billy Burke and said: Oh he’s the British ER doc who was sexually abused as a child and as a result became an insensitive jerk/man whore who was redeemed by love for the nurse/doc from newsradio who left him to go back to Luka.  Oh Luka, where art thou?  (I am old and have watched way too much teevee)

3. Ooh Giovanni Ribisi, no, wait, Giancarlo Esposito – long Italian name Black guy with the magnificent scowl.  Hasn’t played a good guy since 1997.  He’s good.  They’ll probably have to give him some time off so he can get in the mirror for Once Upon a Time.

4.  The kinda cute asthmatic son certainly got the short end of the family brain stick.  “I have a bow, these 6 militia guys will certainly let my dad go now!”

5.  Yay!  Billy Burke is a badass main character!  I hated that they put that stupid mustache on him in Twilight.  Much better as the evil serial killer in the Closer.  {SPOILER ALERT} I was so glad they brought him back for the finale.  It is disconcerting when they make evil psychopaths so sexy and cool though.

6: Kimtastic: As for Charlie’s admittedly impractical hair: You ever think that ponytail holders have become scarce 15 yrs later?  Those things never did last very long and I bet Goody’s are very hot on the black market.

7.  My 2nd episode glimpse showed a part of the C. Thomas Howell fight.  Cee has been guesting on lots of shows lately; I just saw him on Alphas a few weeks ago.  Welcome back Cee but eat something cuz you’re looking a little haggard.  Also, I’m sorry you and Rae Dawn Chong didn’’t work out.  You were a cute couple.

8.  The clothing has lasted really well for such a rough life.  I would kind of expect their leather jackets to have a bit more used look to them.

9.  Charlie is cool… she has an extremely cool name (Can you guess what the C in CDSquee stands for?) Although I am getting tired of seeing these Charlie characters all the time as this moniker that always mean kinda quirky, cool or badass. (Which is what I am of course).  I want to see a girl Charlie creepy cat lady character.

I will continue watching if anything to watch Billy Burke be hot and kill people but also to find out what the secret computer necklaces are all about.  Don’t fail me Revolution! not like the Cape, Heroes, the last season of Lost, and Glee (although I’m still hanging in there)….


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