Squee the Vote!

There are many things in the fan-girl world that make us go Squee! Great Books, good movies, hot men…and VOTING!!!

Contributors to Songs in Squee Minor are spread out through the South East, but for several us, the polls opened today for early voting and we took advantage.

Participating in the political process and exercising our right to choose our local and national leaders is oh so very SQUEE! Don’t you agree?

We’re not just basking in the glow of our civil awesomeness, we also want to encourage you to find out if your state has early voting (32 states do!). Here’s a great link to the National Conference of State Legislatures that will help you find out what your local laws are pertaining to early and absentee voting : Early Voting

Either way, November 6, 2012, is your deadline (which you won’t be able to miss even if you live under a rock). Go vote. It’s what all the cool kids are doing.


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