Revolution: Revisited

Ok. I’m home, sick again. Such are the hazards of working around small children. When I think about the amount of germs/snot/fecal matter from tiny unwashed hands that I’ve probably inadvertently swallowed over the past several years, it makes me want to barf. And of course the preferred way to barf is to do it in a projectile fashion in a small trash can in front of a class of twenty or so 10 year olds. So I’ve decided to take a day off to recoup and, well, lets not lie, put a little time between me, the students, and the barf. But like shiny underbelly of a cloud, two good things have come from my sickness; I’m several pounds closer to my goal weight and I got to catch up on Revolution.

“Soul Train” is our Captain Neville episode. Neville has been my favorite character on the show from the beginning. He always seemed to have a little more going on in his back story than everyone else. As it turns out, Captain Neville is the John Locke of Revolution. He was fired from a crappy job by a jerk boss, he commands no respect from his neighbors, he’s timid and passive. He was primed for a Falling Down style freak out and I was proud of him when he beat his thieving neighbor down to the gray matter. So now fifteen years later he’s an angry badass and I’m interested in finding out how he got into the position he’s in. And now we’ve got a little star crossed love with Charlie and Jason, who turns out to be Neville’s son. The reunion of Neville’s family seemed a little stiff, could it be that Mrs. Neville is not too keen on her husband and son’s chosen professions?

Most of my opinions on Revolution still remain unchanged. I still think Charlie’s whiny and it still bothers me that her hair remains shiny and bouncy and untangled despite no evidence that she regularly washes it. Maybe it’s naturally dry so the extra oil does it good. When the power comes back on she should do hair care commercials. And Nora’s teeth? If brushing with twigs and sticks in a future with no toothpaste makes your choppers that pearly white, then I’m putting a chair in the forest and inviting people to my new teeth whitening clinic.

Revolution has become the show I find interesting but really just like to make fun of. To spice up viewing nights, I’ve developed the Revolution Drinking Game.

Drink when:

– Charlie mentions family/ finding her brother/ telling Miles he has to do something because they are family

– Charlie gives Jason (formerly known as Nate) a look of longing

– Charlie does the opposite of what she’s told

– bad acting (usually when Charlie is pleading with Miles)

– Miles sword fights

– Miles disappoints Charlie

– Capt. Neville goes from zero to violent in half a second

– Aaron talks about how he used to work at Google and was rich

– Danny looks at someone with a blank stare

I suggest a nice Red and small sips. Enjoy!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. squee1313
    Oct 23, 2012 @ 23:49:02

    I add another condition to your drinking game. Drink whenever Miles almost kills the bad guy and Charlie tells him not too and then the bad guy comes back later in the show to haunt them.


  2. kimtastic7878
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 11:50:23

    How about finish your drink every time Danny almost escapes.


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