Revolution: It’s All About the Pendant

promo still from NBC

NBC promo still. You can’t really watch a preview.

To honor its Fall Finale, I actually watched an episode of Revolution the night it aired. (I didn’t watch it live, but almost!) I know most of the others have already weighed in on this NBC series, so why not me?

*** Since I’m usually that person watching it on DVR days or weeks after a show first airs, I’m going to try to stay away from major spoilers, but be warned there are some. ***

Nobody’s Fault But Mineis a good mid-season finale. It resolved main plot lines (somehow Danny stayed alive long enough to reunite with his sister), and set up new ones for the last half of its season (oh no, the whirlybirds are working again!!!) Plus, it answered one of the major questions I’ve had: how did the Monroe militia confiscate all the weapons from all the 2nd Amendment-loving Americans?

Charlie with bow

Charlie armed for Revolution

Well, answered is a strong word. Someone in a flashback did sort of toss out something to the effect of “hey, did you hear? everyone’s been shooting everything for so long we’re all going to run out of bullets!” I’m not sure I buy that explanation. I think people would be able to figure out how to make projectiles to shoot out of their guns. At least the show acknowledged my concern.

That brings me to another question I have. I know that all the electricity went out for whatever reason, but did that reason also destroy all books about the production of all energy? No solar, no wind power? Did all the people who knew anything about the production of electricity join whatever that pendant cult is?

Pendant from Revolution

Revolution Pendant

Did ALL of them devote themselves to making and preserving those pendants instead of building small generators?

Which brings me to the plot point that drives me nuts: if you believe a pendant is really, really important, even if you don’t know why it’s important, wouldn’t you wear that important pendant around your neck? Why does Aaron insist on putting it his pocket where it repeatedly falls out or gets stolen?

Aaron in NBC's Revolution

Aaron, likely looking for pendant

I’m not saying Aaron is above having it stolen off of his neck, but doesn’t wearing it seem like the safest way of transporting a pendant?

The almost omnipresent previews for this show during the Summer Olympics convinced me I needed to give Revolution a shot. I know the others were excited it’s a JJ Abrams/Jon Favreau endeavor. I was more excited that it was created by Eric Kripke. (I love those SupernaturalWinchester boys.) JJ has trouble sustaining his shows more than a season and a half. Eric has doubled that record, and then some. (Kripke has writing credits on all 10 of the episodes so far.) I’m sticking around for the second half of the season.



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