Top 3 Squees of 2013: T.V.


The big disappointment of the year for me was Revolution. I’ll tell you a secret: I never got past the first episode. Instead, my three picks for 2012 represent a strange mixture of Shakespeare, dancing, and zombies.

Sons of Anarchy. I just started watching this series this year. I don’t know why I didn’t get onto this show earlier. It’s got Ron Perlman in it, who is one of my all-time most favorite character actors (all my favorite actors tend to be character actors). It’s got Charlie Hunnam in it. He’s hot and you get to see his naked butt a lot. It’s got Peg Bundy in it. It’s Hamlet on Harleys. How could I not love it? I discussed this show with another fan and we agreed that they spend too much time being re-active rather than pro-active, but something about the characters and their ability to laugh at themselves makes me forgive the show’s weaknesses.

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 9. CD Squee will agree that we were nutty about this show. We even went to see the live stage tour when it came to our fair city. The talent is amazing, but despite that fact, the ratings have declined over the years. Apparently more people want to watch D-List “celebrities” shake their amateur booties on Dancing with the [so-called] Stars. The winners this year, Chehon and Elaina, were both classically trained ballet dancers. Chehon was reason enough alone to watch this show, don’t you agree?

I could pick a lot of things for my third favorite TV show of the year. Covert Affairs had its best season yet. Arrow turned out to be better than I thought it would. I started watching the movie make-up show on Sy-Fy called Face Off and I’m a big fan. Leverage, Hell On Wheels, SNL, Big Bang Theory, Ever After, and, now that I have Netflix again, Vampire Diaries, but I think I’m going to have to go with the third season of Walking Dead as my third favorite show of 2012.

Last season was totally boring. There was too much talking and not enough zombies. It was a bad soap opera. This season, however, has been everything I want from a good zombie post-apocalyptic story. The new characters are awesome. I want to be BFFs with Michonne. The Governor does Quiet Crazy in a way that chills me to my bones, and the Jailhouse setting is way more ominous and awesome than the farmhouse setting from last season. The only thing that would make me even happier is if they get rid of Andrea.


I had A LOT of free time in 2012, and for better or worse much of it was spent watching TV. I caught up on series I’d always meant to watch, but hadn’t. Luckily, some of them are still in production.

The Wire created by David Simon

As far as I’m concerned, this HBO series about the drug trade in Baltimore is the best TV show ever made.

Every scene, every line of dialogue and every prop matters. A line that seems mundane in one season turns into the main plot 2 seasons down the road. Characters rise and fall, to rise again or fall even further.

This isn’t just a show about criminals and cops. It’s about the society and its institutions that creates them. Well-meaning cops, well-meaning criminals, well-meaning lawyers, judges, politicians, teachers, parents, labor and church leaders, journalists… actually anyone with any intention what-so-ever of anything at all are pawns of the status quo.

The Wire wrapped up its 5 season run in 2008. As I worked my way through them, I worried the next season wouldn’t be as tightly written, acted and directed as the last. But it never let me down. From beginning to end, it is excellent.

Parenthood created by Jason Katims

I resisted this NBC series for the first 3 seasons. After repeated beratings from a true believer, I caught up before the latest season began. Now when I try to recruit new viewers, they cite the same reason I gave: the promos make every episode seem like "a very special episode" to be endured for educational and moral purposes, not something to be viewed because it’s awesome. But it is awesome. The characters and storylines are heartbreakingly real and funny. Former Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham and her "kids" Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer are the shiniest jewels in this treasure trove of a cast. They are more real than any family on any "reality" show.

Louie created by Louie CK

This FX show is more than a sitcom. It’s sort of about Louie CK’s life as a divorced father and stand-up comic, and not about those things at all. It’s not only funny, it’s surprising. If you haven’t been watching and want to start, don’t worry. Linear rules do not apply. Often you don’t even have to watch the beginning of an episode to enjoy the completely separate second half. Also, the New York City Louie’s created is beautiful. You should watch just to see it.



Obviously it’s the show I love to hate to love. I’ve made a lot of fun of Revolution, but truthfully it’s the first show in a long time that I’ve actually tried to be home to watch- though that’s partially because I don’t have a DVR and I have to be home to watch anything. If I did have a DVR, who knows, Revolution may have ended up collecting digital dust like other shows I intended to get into (American Horror Story, I swear I’m going to catch up on you but you’re too scary for me to watch alone!). For a detailed explanation of my opinions about Revolution you can see previous posts, but here’s the Cliff’s Notes: Charlie is whiny and her hair never tangles, Miles is quite a swashbuckler, and Captain Neville is a badass. Plus you can make a drinking game out of anything if your heart’s really into it.


Chopped has the thrill of a competition reality show and the food porn that I love.

Chopped holds a special place in my heart because I started watching it with my Dad a few Christmases ago. There must have been a marathon because I think we watched three or four episodes in a row. My dad bet me a quarter for each round and we went double or nothing for the finals. I think I ended up owing him a little over $2. He’s not been too pushy about collecting his payout and for this I am thankful.

If you’re not familiar with Chopped, it comes on the Food Network in four hour blocks about three days a week. I mean it is on ALL the time. Four chefs compete in three rounds- appetizer, main course, and dessert. Each round a chef is "chopped". Get it! Each round the chefs are given a mystery basket containing four ingredients that should not go together and they have to figure out a way to make a palatable dish in 30 mintues or less. For example the basket may contain something like broccoli rabe, hibiscus, chocolate, and duck anus. All the while the chefs are cooking the judges are commenting on the basket ingredients and cooking styles. "I really think the wild card ingredient for these chefs is the hibiscus" or "I smell something burning". The presentation to the panel of three judges, some of whom are iron chefs or have other shows on Food or Travel, always goes something like this "Today I have prepared for you a main course of lemon and hibiscus sauteed duck anus with a broccoli rabe, turnip, and green apple salad tossed in a spicy mexican chocolate vinegarette with a side of purple potatoes." Why purple potatoes? I have not clue but the chefs friggin love those things. There’s always a contestant with a dead relative and a douchebag that goes down in the first round after bragging about how awesome he/she is.

Louie C.K.

I know this show has been around for a while, but this year I started watching it on Netflix. I especially enjoy watching it after an episode of the Walking Dead to calm my nerves. This show is wonderfully wrong and awkward. Louie must have arms like Roger Federer if he masturbates as much as he talks about it.

And maybe more than I love the show itself, I love this twitter feed that it has inspired called Fake Louie Episodes Some of the fake episodes I’d like to see made real: Louie buys a puppy for his daughters. Tries to jerk off but the dog won’t stop watching. Wins the lottery. or, Louie gets hit by a foul ball at a Mets game. Vomits on an EMT he was flirting with. Watches the sunrise.


I’m a tv-holic but initially I found it hard to think of three “best ofs” in this category. At the beginning of the TV season, I had high hopes for many shows including Revolution, Arrow, and Last Resort. I still sort of watch them but they do end up piling up on the DVR. Only one on my 2012 list is a new show. The others are newly discovered or re-discovered.

Number Uno: Key and Peele, y’all! KEY and FREAKING PEELE! Premiered January 2012 and it may be the funniest thing on teevee right now! I cannot stop using exclamation points about this show! From the first episode wherein the men lie about calling their wives “Bitch” to their faces, to the Hula Hoop skit, to the football names, to their movie parodies, to their stand up between skits They provide old-fashioned laughs while sneaking in commentary about the ridiculousness of the world we live in. Key and Peele is UBER SQUEE!

Numero Two-O: Face-Off on SciFi or ScyFy or however they spell it now. It’s a movie make-up competition show. The 4th (?) season premiered on January 15. I discovered Face-Off just this past fall and my eight year old and I became quickly hooked. We watched the current season then a marathon of the past season. So much fun. It’s amazing to see what monstrous creatures think of, what they use (fake nails to make scaly growths, feather quills to make demon teeth. It’s also fun to watch the epic failures. I can’t do any of this but its great fun to watch and critique like I could.

Numero Three-O: Archer: soooooo wrong, so very, very wrong! May God forgive me for watching this show.

Honorable mentions:

Downton Abbey: was at number 3 til I thought of Archer; automatic 20 Squee points for being smart enough to cast Dame Maggie Smith

Love It or List It – HGTV: “What do you mean you can’t give me a 4th bedroom, an office, and a new kitchen in my 1400 sq ft, 80 yr old house? I gave you a budget of $30k! This isn’t rocket science!”

Modern Family, the ending 30 Rock, Once Upon a Time: shows that never let me down

Comedy Central, Food Network, SciFi, HGTV: the channels that never let me down


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kimtastic7878
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 15:44:46

    Yes, CDSquee, I thought about Love it or List it for my top 3 too! I like listening to the couples say “I’m just so disappointed in Hillary” in their crazy Canadian accents. And don’t forget “what do you mean you don’t have enough money to finish the basement because you’ve had to divert the funds to the reconstruction of our rotted roof that’s about to cave in!?”


  2. cdsquee
    Jan 18, 2013 @ 03:00:24

    oh yeah! What part of “your wiring is not up to code and you will all die in an electrical fire” do they not understand?


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