Top 3 Squees of 2012: Music

I wanted to post this several weeks ago (like, in January), but I was waiting for CD Squee to add her contribution. I’m not sure, but I think she may be passively resisting participation in this particular post. Therefore, I’ve decided to go on bravely without her.


My ipod is filled with absolute crap that I’m embarrassed to play in public. Merry Angler and I have had this discussion- what’s on your workout playlist is not necessarily what you listen to in real life. So while I could say that I really like Florence and the Machine for the zillionth time, or that I really love the latest The Killers album despite some critical flack, I give to you the best of the worst: my favorite workout playlist songs of 2012. I call it Guilty Pleasures.

1. Kanye West- Mercy

This is a great song for when I want to slow down my run to a nice, steady endurance pace. And what’s not to love about a song about a girl whacking off a guy in the front seat of a $400,000 car? Favorite lyrics?

Drop it to the floor, make that a$$ shake
Whoa, make the ground move, that’s an a$$ quake
Built a house up on that ass, that’s an a$$ state
Roll my weed on it, that’s an a$$ tray

More lyrics:

Seriously, that’s sh*t’s funny.

2. Rhianna feat. Calvin Harris- We Found Love

I created disco?

I think I might be late to this party, but I’m pretty sure Calvin Harris is the bomb and everything he puts his golden hands on turns into a magical unicorn that’s going to leap out of the speakers and give me a wet kiss.

Oh, Calvin!

(Also see: Calvin Harris feat Florence Welch- Sweet Nothing). I also really love the video for this song.

Tie for 3rd

Carly Rae Jepsen- Call Me Maybe

The joy I get every time I hear this song > the embarrassment I have for listing it

And I don’t care what you think.

Anything by Kesha

The above statement + GLITTER!!!


There were a lot of anticipated sophomore albums out this year that kind of let me down. Yes, Mumford and Sons, I’m talking to you. My husband is really the music “discoverer” in our family. This year he has a thing for Old Crowe Medicine Show and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I, however, mostly wait for Kimtastic to tell me what’s cool.

My first pick is the Some Nights album by FUN. (Disclaimer: Kimtastic did not tell me this was cool. I found it on my own, so it could be popular trash for all I know)

It’s punk, it’s broadway musical, it’s electronic, it’s alt rock. Sometimes its overly dramatic and pitchy and they get slap happy with the autotune, but every single song is sing-along-able. “Some Nights” led me to buy the album, but my favorite song is “All Alone” about falling in love with a wind-up doll. I think it’s probably a metaphor.

My second pick is Load by Metallica.

I know the diehard Metallica fans sort of hated this album because it pandered to the grunge sound that was popular when Load came out. I loved grunge, so sue me. Why am I bringing this old album up now? My husband left in the CD player of my car months and months ago, and before then I had never really listened to it. It’s still in my CD player and some days I just need to rock the crap out of Hero of the Day and Bleeding Me and Poor Twisted Me.

For my final pick I deliberated between Jack White’s, Blunderbuss or Muse’s, The 2nd Law.

I decided to go with Muse for two reasons: My cousin and his wife went to hear Jack White a few months back in New York. Jack threw a hissy fit half way through the show and stormed off the stage. Also, I bought Blunderbuss on a CD intending to upload it into my digital library. Before I could do that, though, I lost it. I think it’s a sign. Jack White is an ass, but I will still buy his music without hesitation. I feel smarter after listening to it. His guitar/stringed instrument playing is like Greek or higher maths. I can’t do it myself, but I respect the hell out of those who can.

Muse consistently astounds me with their musicality and the depth of their composition skills. Also, they threw down on the dubstep on this album and even though it’s a fad that will define the early 20-teens, the 20-tweens? 2010 – 2013, it is funky and I’m addicted to it. Madness is catchy, Follow Me sounds like it should have been on the Never Ending Story Reboot soundtrack. Whenever I listen to it, I expect to see Falcore descending from the heavens. Unsustainable is pure ear candy.


1 – Boys & Girls by Alabama Shakes

The first time I heard the single "Hold On" from this debut album I couldn’t get it out of my head. This young, Grammy-nominated Alabama band has a sound that seems like they’ve been around since blues bands started plugging in amps. But in a world dominated by synth pop, their sound also seems brand new. Singer Brittany Howard’s vocals will shake you to the core.

2 – The Truth About Love by Pink

No one’s better at writing pop anthems than Pink. "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" is just her latest. She’s also one of the best at writing and performing slower, emotional songs. She puts on quite a show, too.

I guess what I’m saying is I would’ve bought whatever Pink released in 2012. The Truth About Love did not disappoint.

3 – Making Mirrors by Gotye

Ah, the little YouTube video that could. But this Belgian-born artist is so much more than his hit single "Somebody That I Used to Know." (Not that the video isn’t a piece of visual poetry or that the song doesn’t deserve its position as one of the top hits of 2012.)

Every track is interesting to listen to, and worth listening to again and again. Plus many, like "Somebody," are catchy as hell.



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