Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop


From Amazon: Anne Bishop’s debut novel, Daughter of the Blood, is like black coffee–strong, dark, and hard on delicate stomachs. Within the Blood (a race of magic-users), women rule and men serve, but tradition has been corrupted so that women enslave men who seek to destroy their oppressors. Female children are violated before they can reach maturity; men are tortured and forced to satisfy witches’ sexual appetites.

Bishop’s child heroine, Jaenelle, is destined to rule the Blood, if she can reach adulthood. Her power is hidden; her family believes her mad. Saetan, High Lord of Hell and most powerful of the Blood males, becomes Jaenelle’s surrogate father and teacher. He cannot protect her outside Hell, where he rules. She refuses to leave Terreille, risking herself to protect or heal other victims of violence. Can Daemon, Saetan’s estranged son, keep her safe from the machinations of the evil High Priestess? Or will he lose his battle to control his destructive urges and endanger her?

Readers may find some aspects of Bishop’s world confusing; not least that most of the good guys live in Hell. But her protagonists are compelling, sympathetic characters who overcome terrible adversity.

The amazon blurb is spot on. There were a few times when I put down the book and thought I wouldn’t finish because it is so disturbing, but ultimately the characters were compelling and the plot was such that I HAD to know what happened. I recommend it, but not to readers with delicate sensibilities. ** Note that since I first wrote this, I have gone on to finish the next two books in the series. There are still some intense moments, but nothing like the first book and there are funny and genuinely happy moments to redeem an otherwise dark story. If you do stick it out, you’ll be rewarded to learn that this series is about a lot more than the abusive tendencies of a few evil witches. It’s also about dynamic love, family, friendship, and loyalty. I am really a fan, if you couldn’t tell.

Some of the reviews I’ve read on Goodreads say that the characters and dialogue are overly dramatic. I don’t know, I like dramatic characters if they are still well drawn. After three books, these characters are almost real people. The characters are pretty staunchly black or white. Good is good and bad is bad. If you like anti-heroes or the bad guy with a heart (think Severus Snape) you won’t find those here.

The structure of the realms (the “world building”) is a bit confusing too. I ended up finding a Black Jewels wiki website. It helped a lot. Once I understood the lay of the land, so to speak, I enjoyed the books a lot more.

I would say the main character in Daughter of the Blood is the alluring Saetan Daemon SaDiablo, aka, Daemon, Sadi, and the Sadist. He’s a pleasure slave and also a powerful warlord prince(ne’ warlock), but he is bound to serve as a boy toy for a powerful queen witch, and she farms him out to her friends from time to time. Don’t tick him off though, because he’s dangerous and can make pleasure painful and sometimes downright deadly. He’s described as dark haired, dusky skinned, and golden eyed. He’s beautiful almost to the point of being pretty, but he’s too brutal to be mistaken as anything but a man. He’s also deeply loyal to the deserving and especially to Jaenelle.

Whenever a character is described, in general, as the handsomest and deadliest man in the land, it’s going to be a hard role to fill and get people to agree on. I can’t think of a Hollywood actor that really fits the bill, so I’ve sought out a couple of supermodel types who might work as Daemon SaDiaoblo, the Sadist.

Pedro Perestrello

Or Francis Cadieux

I also like the Brazilian Futbol player, Christiano Ronaldo

The “Daughter” in the Daughter of the Blood is Jaenelle Angelline. She’s not so much the main character as the title might suggest. Instead, she’s more the impetus for the actions of all the other characters. She’s a young girl possessing powerful gifts of magic that have not been seen in thousands of years. It is believed she will bring about and end to the corruption in the kingdoms that are the subject of this series. She’s around 12 years old and isn’t immediately beautiful to the observer but shows signs of being striking once she grows into her strange features. Blond, curly hair. Blue eyes that change shades with her emotions. She’s innocent and wise at the same time. Sweet with a streak of steel.

For this role, I nominate a young Cloe Moretz, who you may or may not know from Kick Ass or Let Me In. This girl knows how to do sweet and tough.

Another very important character is Jaenelle’s foster father and Daemon’s biological father, Saetan Diablo, High Lord of the realm of Hell. He’s got Daemon’s charm and charisma and streak of evil, but also a deep abiding love and faith for his family and Jaenelle. He’s handsome, but has aged over time.

For this role, I nominate Oliver Martinez

There are many other great character’s in the book, but the only other one I want to cast is Surreal, who is a technically a prostitute, but a well-paid and highly regarded one with strong magical powers. She became Daemon’s ward after her mother was brutally murdered and she’s become a lethal assassin over the years as she searches for her mother’s murderer and avenges those who take advantage of the weak.

For her, I’d nominate my go-to tough beauty, Kate Beckinsale, but alas, I think Kate has aged out of this role. She’s got to be younger or close to Daemon’s age, so in her place I pick Jessica Biel.


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  1. Haillie
    May 15, 2013 @ 16:51:17

    Hey, I just wanted to say that Christiano Ronaldo is Portuguese, not Brazilian. Wrong continent, that’s all. Love the book, though.


    • squee1313
      May 15, 2013 @ 21:52:23

      I guess I just saw Portuguese, thought of the language instead of the country, and made an assumption. My bad. Obviously I’m not a fan of Futbol, but Ronaldo could make me change my mind.


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