Atlanta’s Free Art Friday

I’m posting this on behalf of Kimtastic, who is doing this awesome awesome thing. In case you didn’t know, art is very squee!

Kimtastic says:

We have this event in ATL called Free Art Friday. The premise is that art is for everyone and people get joy out of finding a little piece of artwork and getting to take it home. So there are a bunch of artists that leave little artworks all around the city for people to find. It end up being kind of a scavenger hunt because some of them tweet a picture as a clue to where the things are.

Here’s an example of one of the artists, Evereman.

Catlanta is really popular too:

My friend Jes is Wishlanta:

Adding "lanta" to another word seems to be the popular thing to do here, BTW.

There are a lot more.

Anyway the whole art is for everyone concept is a pretty awesome idea and Fulton County art teachers are kind of jumping on board. We had Evereman come talk at a meeting and he held a production party (I missed it) And the idea is that you put up art that’s not going to change the environment so a lot of the work is magnetic. So I’m jumping on board and in an ode to my hometown , the City of Oaks, I’ve decided to call myself "Little Red Squirrel" and I’m making clay acorns to hang. Here are the first two. They’re about the size of the palm of your hand. These haven’t been fired or glazed yet.

You can follow Kimtastic’s Free Art Friday on twitter here:


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