Fun Times in Croatia

CD Squee went to Croatia this week.  She should be the one writing a post about it, but she’s probably the busiest person I know, so I could go to her and demand she write a post about her trip, and she’ll say, “Okay”, but she’ll probably never actually do it, so I’m just being proactive by doing it for her.

Croatia.  When you hear that someone went on a trip to such a place, you either think that CD Squee must be a member of Amnesty International, or she’s on a religious mission trip that’s going there to help rebuild a war torn neighborhood, or bring some resources to poor communities or some sort of humanities type service.

You’d think this, but you’d be wrong.

CD Squee went to Croatia to P-A-R-T-Y…which in our vocabulary means to relax by the side of the pool with a drink in one hand and a book in the other.  I bet you didn’t know you could do such a thing in Croatia. Well, you can.  Just look at CD Squees photographic evidence.

This is the view from CD Squee’s balcony in Dubrovnik:


This is one CD Squee calls “Lunchtime View in Dubrovnik”:


This one is a pic of a “Pretty Storm”:


So, there you go. Proof that Croatia is a pretty great place.

My co-worker and I got to talking about it. We were saying how maybe a lot of Croatia is kind of poor and run-down. Just like anywhere else in the world where you go for an awesome resort style vacation, you know better than to step foot outside the resort because then you’re in “Real” Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, etc. and “Real” Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas has nothing to do with drinks in hollow coconuts and cabana boys anticipating your every need.

Then we talked about how when you go to the beach in a lot of these resort locations, the local women attack you on the beach with offers to put braids and beads in your hair. “Pretty Lady, beads in your hair?”. “Ah, nice lady look so pretty with beads in her hair. One Dollar!” or it was one dollar the last time I went anywhere tropical, so I imagine inflation has changed things.

Do they have the same service in Croatia. And if they do, does it look like this?


‘Want I should place braids in hair, yes? Will look so pretty. One braid is one egg. You want I should do whole head is one whole chicken. For my family, yes?’

The truth is that CD Squee”s husband attended a medical conference in Croatia, and CD Squee decided to go a long and keep him company, and after seeing the pictures, who can blame her? That CD Squee, I always knew she was a real smart lady.


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