New Wonder Woman Short Makes Me Ask: Where are our Women Super Heroes?

When I was a little girl, I loved me some lady super heroes. Loved them in that I wanted to BE them.

I had the Wonder Woman bathing suit


For Christmas I got the Super Girl Underoos and insisted that I change into them, despite it being the middle of winter, and run around the house in them for the entirety of the family gathering that included my grandparents and an aunt and uncle.

Why did these go away? Why don't they bring them back?

Why did these go away? Why don’t they bring them back?

I’m starting to realize that I may have been a more precocious child than I thought I was. I’m also starting to realize I’ve been a geek from back, waaaaay back.

I can’t be the only one, right? There have to be other fans of the super heroine, not just the Anne Hathaway Catwoman or the Scarlett Johansson Black Widow side kicks (who were completely awesome, don’t get me wrong), but someone who can stand alone in her own feature film.

Diane Carter proved it could be done successfully for TV.

I see Sophia Varga pulling this off today. Boobs and hips, Amazonian curves!

I see Sophia Varga pulling this off today. Boobs and hips, Amazonian curves!

But, alas, the few recent movies that featured female super heroes failed to prove a worthwhile investment. Hally Berry (Catwoman) and  Jennifer Garner (Electra) I’m talking to you.


Elektra Movie Wallpaper 2005 1280x1024

But we know that Hollywood is persistent, and given enough time, it’s willing to try anything twice, thrice, frice (what’s the equivalent for four? I don’ t know).   And if this independent studio has its way, Wonder Woman may finally have her chance on the big screen. With excellent production value and costuming, it seems like a real possibility. My only critique is to get a curvier wonder woman with some muscle tone next time– she’s an Amazon goddess for goodness sakes. Also, stop already with the cheesy CGI creatures.

In my opinion, Wonder Woman stands the greatest chance of success of all possible female franchises. C’mon Hollywood lets make it happen.


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