Loosing my “Con” Virginity at Illogicon

Although I profess to be a geek, there’s one major geek bucket list item I’ve, until this past weekend, never struck from my list, and that was to attend one of those geekfests known as a Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention. In this case, I attended a small local convention known as “Illogicon“.

Illogicon mascot, "Shrodie"

Illogicon mascot, “Shrodie”

I had heard about Illogicon in the past, probably from Bull Spec, but I had never thought about actually going until this year. A few months ago I joined a national  writer’s forum and started making some cyber writer friends and Illogicon seemed like the perfect place to finally meet a few of these writers face to face. In fact, some of my fellow forum writers were Guests of Honor: Gray Rinehart and Lawrence M. Schoen. Super plus is that Gray is a local writer, right here in the Tar Heel State.

Saturday night a group from the forum got together for dinner. I’m going to admit, with shame, that I chickened out.  I used to not be afraid of meeting new people in group settings, but maybe marriage and motherhood has begun to change that about me.  Instead, I quietly snuck into several events on Sunday. Next year, I promise to do better!

But, only going on Sunday turned out to be alright because I got to sit in on a few very awesome panels and tour some great vendors such as Steampunk Cellears who sold awesome steampunk creations like the ones below:

seahorse steam elephant

There was also a display table and several panels hosted by War Bunny, from whom I learned the best type of hatchet one should have when facing the Zombie Apocalypse. Some people might not value this information, but I think it’s always good to be prepared.

When I first arrived, I saw a few costumed attendees, and such was to be expected.  Otherwise, a large majority of the participants were rather stereotypically geek. I saw one girl who wore a dress designed to look like Boba Fett’s mask. That was cool. I also saw a lot of slightly overweight, balding men with pony tails and Dr. Who T-shirts. Not so mainstream cool, but geek chic in their own right.  As I waited to go into one of the panels, I was starting to doubt my own geekery.  Maybe I’m just not enough of a geek to be in this place.

But I proved myself wrong when I went into the steampunk panel which featured Natania Barron of Geek Mom fame.


Natania was on the steampunk panel, not for her Geek Mom stuff, but for her new steampunk/western/gothic/alternate history novel: Pilgrim of the Sky.


Also on the panel were Vampire Empire authors, Clay and Sue Griffith.


They talked for a while about what does and doesn’t constitute Steampunk and I tried my best to be a good listener and not interrupt, even though I felt like I had an appropriate comment about everything they discussed. Thankfully, they had time at the end to let me verbally vomit about steampunk a bit. I may have embarrassed myself. I may have out geeked the girl wearing the spandex Star Trek mini dress with quibble fur wrap.

Maybe when I go back next year, they won’t think of me as “That Girl who was Waaay Too Much into Steampunk.”


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  1. widdershins
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 03:40:05

    Congratulations on your … erm … deflowering! 😀


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