More Shameless Self-Promotion: Tales of the Talisman



My short story, The Breath Thief is coming soon:



M.E. Garber introduces us to a werewolf who seeks freedom from the wizard who enslaved her only to find that freedom isn’t all she imagined. David B. Riley reminds us that insurance adjusters will still be around in the future, and that sometimes investigating claims, especially involving mysterious disappearances, can be dangerous business. John C. Conway shows us that saving humanity sometimes requires a willingness to meet long lost loves and that such willingness can be a selfless act. Karissa B. Sluss reminds us that not all vampires crave blood and that most feel trapped by the paths they must walk. These and other chilling tales await in the winter issue of Tales of the Talisman!


    • Missing Mittens
      Story by Robert Redwine
      Illustration by Tom Kelly

    • Realities
      Story by Lyn McConchie
      Illustration by Teresa Tunaley

    • Fisher Brother
      Poem by Deborah Walker

    • The Dreams of Dragons
      Poem by Nicolo Santilli

    • The Copperroof War
      Story by Megan Arkenberg
      Illustration by Tom Kelly

    • Let the Fire Decide
      Poem by Sarah Wright

    • Nativity
      Story by Frances Silversmith
      Illustration by Shoshana Holl

    • The Exanding Universe
      Poem by John Hayes

    • Survival of the Wolf
      Story by M.E. Garber
      Illustration by Tom Kelly

    • Gambling in the Magickian’s House
      Poem by Alicia Cole

    • Dear Cthulhu
      Column by Patrick Thomas

    • Changeover
      Poem by Alessio Zanelli

    • Intelligent Illusion
      Poem by Lauren McBride

    • Breaking Down
      Story by Edward J. McFadden III
      Illustration by Jag Lall

    • Granpa’s 6502
      Poem by Karin L. Frank

    • Where’d That Come From
      Story by David B. Riley
      Illustration by Morland Gonsoulin

    • Marketing Strategy
      Poem by F.J. Bergmann

    • Cunjerred
      Story by Sarah M. Lewis
      Illustration by Shoshana Holl

    • Gentle Push
      Story by John C. Conway
      Illustration by Laura Givens

    • Millinary Dogma
      Poem by Deborah Walker

    • The Alien Recuiter
      Story by Marge Simon
      Illustration by Teresa Tunaley

    • Never Been Kissed
      Poem by K.S. Hardy

    • Rocket to the Morgue and the Problem of
      “Fair Play” in Science Fiction

      Article by Robert E. Porter

    • The Bane of Azrael
      Story by Lee Clark Zumpe
      Illustration by Paul Niemiec

    • Misery of He Who is Older than All Men
      Poem by Jason Sturner

    • The Breath Thief
      Story by Karissa B. Sluss
      Illustration by Kathy Ferrell

    • Persephone’s Dream
      Poem by Delbert R. Gardner

    • Clean Ricky
      Story by Steve Mitchell
      Illustration by Laura Givens

    • Indefensible
      Poem by F.J. Bergmann

    • The Catacombs
      Story by Derek Muk
      Illustration by Paul Niemiec

    • Die Alone, the Demon Said
      Poem by Adele Gardner

    • Thornway Hollow
      Story by Simon Bleaken
      Illustration by Jag Lall

    • abandoned nursing home
      Poem by Greg Schwartz

    • Munster vs. Predator
      Cartoon by Jerry Shippee

    • Book Review
      Review by David Lee Summers


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