The (Submission) Grinder; Tracking your Submission


I never really used Duotrope a lot before, but I checked into it occasionally. Now that it’s become a registered, fee based service. I don’t use it at all.  I’ve done a lot of Googling since then to track submission statuses at various venues, but…what a waste of time!

But, yay! i finally stumbled on, The Grinder. See below for a description of the service from the creators of The Grinder.

The Submissions Grinder is a web-based tool for writers that provides a submission tracker, market listings, and market response statistics. The site was launched on January 8, 2013 to fill the niche left by Duotrope when that site went behind a subscription pay wall. The Submissions Grinder was the first (and so far the only) tool to fill the niche.

For time-sensitive comments/requests, go to the Contact Form

We believe that the biggest value in such a site is the submission data, which is used to calculate market response statistics, and we think Duotrope made a mistake restricting their site with the pay wall because it restricted the input of that data. To that end, we will never charge a compulsory fee to use the site. We are open to donations and we will consider other funding options as the need arises, but you will be able to use it without paying.

Although we have aimed our base functionality at replacing Duotrope, we’re not stopping there. We are working on a list of features that will take us beyond what Duotrope offers. An example of this is one that is already completed–each market listing has a histogram showing the response time statistics.

If you like what we are doing, you can help:
1. Signal Boost. Share the link everywhere that you can. The more users that try it out, the more data we have to summarize and share with all.
2. Import your Duotrope data. Each new market imported in Duotrope data becomes an entry for a market that we will update.
3. Suggest new markets, with URLs so that we can find them.
4. Leave suggestions here (or at the Submissions Grinder site, or to me by email) for changes that would make it even more useful.
5. Donate. All of the money goes toward site-related expenses first, and then to making the site more awesome.


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